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An Introduction to This Blog, Spiders from Heaven

2012 November 2
by Ann L. Carter


This is my blog, Spiders from Heaven.   It’s named after a book (my first and hopefully not my last) that I have written about my experience with adopting two daughters from Asia.  In this space, I plan to write as often as I can about what’s going on around me, what’s important to me at the moment, and the thoughts and ideas that come from this.

I live on a small acreage outside Manhattan, Kansas, and recently retired from a lifetime career of teaching English as a Second Language.  I want to now use my work time for art and writing.  At an interview that will be used in a short documentary for a journalism class at K-State (that I plan to post when it’s done), I was asked why it’s important for my creative endeavors to go public.  I could only answer that if you believe you have something of value to say and to give the world, in whatever unique form that is yours, then it makes no sense to keep it hidden.  I hope you will find here something that is worth reading, something that may add to your day and your own dealings with trying to make the most of your time here on earth.   And remember, even spiders come from heaven


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  1. November 10, 2012

    How lucky can a gal be… to have first heard the story of the soon to be infamous prodigal Noel kitty, as told by the author, in person, earlier this very evening, while sipping cold coffee and enjoying the company of two amazingly courageous women. With background tunes of two amazingly courageous acrobatic kids, perfecting their very creative and daring tree swing tightwire stunts. And now, only hours later, to visit your site for the first time. As the images loaded on my little bit slow computer, it felt like being greeted by an entire welcoming committee of beautiful two-legged, feathered friends. Showing their real colors, hiding nothing, vulnerable. Thank you for creating and sharing each one, Ann. I’m sure mine won’t be the only heart touched by your blossoming flock. The fun has only just begun…

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